What More Is There To Say?

David Keating
This entry is part 28 of 28 in the series Cancer Survivor

I had lunch with a friend the other day. He’d just finished reading the posts in this series about the challenges of the last few years. We chatted for a bit about my writing style, which he thought was engaging (kind words, and appreciated); and about my experiences with cancer, thymoma, myasthenia gravis, and the assorted other auto-immune issues like Sjogren’s Syndrome and auto-immune pancreatitis; the side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and the long term use of drugs like prednisone.

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Easter 2014 – Resurrection and Relationship – To Love One Another

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It doesn't matter if there was a man called Jesus, or if he was resurrected. What matters is that the Message of our inseverable connection to God couldn't be silenced.

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Easter 2014 – Baggage

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Easter 2014

The sorrow and tragedy of Good Friday doesn't come from any imaginary need on "God's" part for a sacrificial lamb. Rather, Good Friday underlines the reality that two millennia hasn't been enough for us acknowledge our interconnectedness with each other and all of Creation

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