Easter 2014 – Resurrection and Relationship – To Love One Another

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It doesn't matter if there was a man called Jesus, or if he was resurrected. What matters is that the Message of our inseverable connection to God couldn't be silenced.

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Easter 2014 – Baggage

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The sorrow and tragedy of Good Friday doesn't come from any imaginary need on "God's" part for a sacrificial lamb. Rather, Good Friday underlines the reality that two millennia hasn't been enough for us acknowledge our interconnectedness with each other and all of Creation

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What’s Done In The Dark …


There was a time when I thought that if the media spent as much time looking at the positive things that happen in the world as they do endlessly looping video of a tragedy that the world wouldn’t seem to be so dark and dangerous. I still think that. But a recent column by Emma Teitel about “hate clicking” made me think about something else.

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