Easter 2014 – Baggage

The sorrow and tragedy of Good Friday doesn’t come from any imaginary need on “God’s” part for a sacrificial lamb. Rather, Good Friday underlines the reality that two millennia hasn’t been enough for us acknowledge our interconnectedness with each other and all of Creation

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What’s Done In The Dark …


There was a time when I thought that if the media spent as much time looking at the positive things that happen in the world as they do endlessly looping video of a tragedy that the world wouldn’t seem to be so dark and dangerous. I still think that. But a recent column by Emma Teitel about “hate clicking” made me think about something else.

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When Ideology Trumps Ethics


Stephen Harper could have made sure that the men and women he appointed to the Senate were of the highest calibre; that they represented a broad cross-section of Canadian thought, experience, and character; that, given a position of highest trust, they would conduct themselves by the highest ethical standards.
He didn’t.
This is what happens when ideology trumps ethics.

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Thanksgiving Day – Canada 2013

In Canada this weekend, there’s no shortage of Thanksgiving messages circulating on FaceBook or Twitter or in every media newscast, newspaper, blog, or what have you.
But there is, it seems to me, a particular challenge for mainline and progressive people of faith in expressing our thankfulness.

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